Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My latest project

Since Christmas, I have been working on some Leg Warmers for my sister and her 3 girls. It has been fun and I have learned a great deal. Sometimes it isn't as simple as just changing colors. Occasionally you have to be creative with how you add the second color.

This one was the first I worked on. I had the first leg half done when I was already out of the accent color. So I had to take it all out and figure out a better way to make the accent cover both legs. Note: I am not telling how I cheated on these!

I told my husband that there was no way I could write out the instructions for the method I used on these pink ones. Thankfully they were for the smallest girl.

The purple had to be longer than any of the others because of how long the oldest girl's legs are.

My sister's were just a simple thing. Two colors all the way.

When I started making Leg Warmers, I was thinking that they would be worn around the ankles, but everyone I have given them to wants to have them all the way up to, or over, their knees. But when they wear them that way, the warmers fall down after a while.

SOLUTION: I am giving them a delicate elastic (along with the warmers) to thread though the top if the warmers don't stay where they want them to.

The pattern is really easy and can be found at