Thursday, January 3, 2008

I slept with a ROCK

Last night I had such a hard time sleeping! That is actually normal for me. But last night, I was just so hot! We have the heater on because our daughter’s room gets really cold. Our room is fine without heating because we like to sleep cold.

After being awake for almost 3 hours and trying everything I knew to get back to sleep, I finally came out and got my ROCK. My ROCK is a very heavy, unopened geode. Usually it sits under my computer desk and I rest my feet on it while I work. It keeps my feet VERY COOL, which is why I thought I’d try it in bed. (Don’t try to figure me out, just go with the story.)

It actually worked. It did take about 30 minutes to get settled and find the best place for it, but it worked! No, it didn’t wake me up. No, I didn’t roll over on it. When I got up with my daughter, I had totally forgotten about it. It ended up in the center of the bed. I found it again when I was making the bed.

Just so you understand the scale of the picture: the rock is about 6 inches long and weights at least 30 pounds. The center of the geode is purple, you can barely see that from the end view.