Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hyperbolically Speaking

Well, the crafting part of the Hyperbolic Crochet project is winding down. I have had a blast with this, but I am willing to admit that it's time for a change. Three solid months of hyperbolic is enough. However, I will continue to do hyperbolic work on my own and create some unique things.

Teaching some of the workshops had been so much fun. I really got into this, and learned so much. It wasn't just the crochet, it was finding something I could be passionate about; at least for 3 months. I will still continue to use less plastic in as many ways as I can, and some of you will have to listen to me talk about it, endlessly.

Notice on the table above, there is a white piece with a pink edging. . . It's almost sitting on the shoulder of the person in the corner. I didn't have enough pink to finish the edge. I tried three stores. So I picked out another that was on sale and used it. What do you think of how it turned out, below?

These are the larger of the pieces I turned in today.

When TK finishes making a loom hat, there is almost a yard of yarn that is cut off. I began saving that yarn and tied it together. This is what it looked like made into a hyperbolic piece. Yes, the ends are sticking out on purpose.
This (and the white one) was made out of plastic bags. Yes, the kind you get when you buy something at a store. I made them into PLARN (plastic yarn) and crocheted just as if it was yarn. Some of you have tote bags I have made from plarn. Others will get one later (especially if you make your own plarn). See the link to "How to make PLARN".
I have stopped getting plastic bags if I don't have to. I tell them that I will put my purchases into my purse or a tote I have with me, because if I take it home, I have to crochet it!



I really like the white one with all the fuzzy colors on the edge--so cool.