Friday, May 1, 2009

The PLARN Class

Thursday night there was a class at the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Exhibit about how to crochet a tote bag out of plastic bags. This class will be held the last Thursday of the month during the exhibit (April, May, June) at 6 pm in the Gallery@ the Library at the exhibit. You will learn how to turn your plastic bags into PLARN (plastic yarn) and then you will have help to start crocheting the plarn into a tote bag following a pattern provided.

Last night I was so busy that I didn't remember to take pictures until a few people had already left. But I did get those who were still there. It was a good group last night; some who had crocheted, some who hadn't, we even had a mother & daughter come together. Some Picked it up easily, others struggled. But everyone learned how to make the bags into plarn and got a start on their tote bags.

Some that attenede will finish their bags, regardless of how they look. But I worry about others who were really struggling! I wish I could help them more often because they will feel such a sense of accomplishment if they finish. If the plarn is too difficult, switch to yarn and use the same pattern. BUT JUST FINISH SOMETHING!!

Bye, Emily. We will miss you. Have fun on the farm! Crochet something while you are gone.

In hopes of encouraging all of you to finish, I am posting links to some How-to-crochet video tutorials.