Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friends are Everywhere

Last night, I went with our youngest daughter to a meeting about going to girls camp this summer. Dear daughter was very excited to hear about all the things they will be doing. When I got to the car after the meeting. . . flat tire!!! I absolutely HATE the inconvenience of having a flat! So the car stayed at the church for the night and we rode home with someone else.

This morning, dear hubby & I went to the church and used the little pump that runs off the car lighter and got it pumped up. We drove it to Big O Tires. (Big O Tires is where this post really starts, but I had to let you know why I was there.) Have you noticed that whenever women have to sit and wait for something, there is a blanket that settles over you of instant friendship? When you leave where ever you are waiting, you know you will never see them again and the blanket is gone. It happens at doctors offices, too.

That's what happened today. Hubby got me there, waited with me long enough for me to tell him that I was a big girl and he could leave; which he promptly did. Now I am left with one other woman and her 3 month old little girl. So we did what came naturally, we started to talk. Holding the baby was a must since all my grandchildren live somewhere else. We enjoyed a nice conversation. I make it a point to try and leave others with something that will help them: a smile, a story, a little crocheted toy for a child or an Internet reference that will help them, anything like that. Today I did that and maybe more.

As we were talking, another woman joined the little waiting area. Of course, we soon included her in the conversation! The conversation even continued about 20 -30 minutes AFTER my tire had been repaired! Both women left with my business card, at least one website to visit, and I hope they left feeling better than they did when they got there. I know I felt better when I left.

The flat, you ask? Yes, they fixed it! I had a finishing nail in the tread of the tire. Must have come from when they were working on the apartment next door. I know we haven't been using nails for years! Of course, a flat tire is never my fault! Right?