Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inventive Potato Salad

I'm at that point in the month where the money is gone.  This month is a double whammy because there isn't any meat, potatoes or fresh produce left in the house!  Making meals at times like these is a challenge.

Sunday, Dear Daughter wanted to make a salad to help with dinner.  Nope.
How about a Potato Salad?  Sorry, no again!
She gave up!  I missed a wonderful opportunity to have HER ACTUALLY HELP!!

Since she suggested potato salad, I have been wanting to have some.  And I want it now!  Sometimes, patience is not my strong point.  So today I decided we WOULD HAVE IT!  And the seach began for "instant potato salad".  Then the modifications came because of what we didn't have.  This is the result.

End-of-the-Month Potato Salad
Instant potatoes- can add one or two cooked and chopped potatoes
Egg – cooked, peeled & chopped
Celery or celery salt or celery powder
Garlic, roasted garlic or garlic salt
Onion or onion salt (green or purple adds color)
Pickles, dill or sweet, relish or self-chopped, or the pickle juice if that’s all you have
*Horseradish if you like it.

Amounts are left off so you can suit your tastes.

Heat the water for instant potatoes. Mix in potatoes until they are STIFF. You will be adding things that will make them more liquid, so you don’t want to start with it too loose.

Add the ingredients you would normally add to your potato salad in amounts that appeal to you and your family. Mix and taste to make sure you have a salad and not an “instant potato thing”. You should taste the additions and only taste the potatoes as a part of the flavor!

Chill and enjoy.

**This method is really good if you have someone with trouble chewing or swallowing chunks of potatoes.

***Adding mixed instant potatoes will also help to stretch a potato salad that needs to feed more people. Just check the taste.

To me this is tasting really good.  However, if you have family members that go by how the food LOOKS before they will even taste it, you may have to use the last potato in the house so that there are some "lumps".