Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Since October 2013, I have been submerged in doing Family History work. Adding photos and documents is really fun and helps tell the about the individual.  Finding Family Names to take to the Temple is just plain satisfying!     The most difficult part was finding ancestors, because the DIRECT LINE has been covered by so many people.  But the instructions from Salt Lake are now to "Find Your Cousins".  This means checking the children, grandchildren, spouses, and anyone else attached to your pedigree.

Doing this by hand can be a cumbersome task!  It takes long hours and you can easily lose your place.  I was taught a pattern for doing this in February; and it made a lot of difference.  Now I could find cousins in an orderly manner and not loose my place.  However, it still took many hours of time to just find! Then I had to do the research aspect, in order to make sure that each person was listed with the correct parents, siblings, spouse and children.

Last week I was talking with my son, who is Bishop in Idaho.  I was talking about how many family names we had and if he wanted some to do.  He told me that he had called a new Family History Consultant, who was teaching the ward members how to do what I was doing.  Then he told me about Pandora's Hope Chest and how this was one of the tools the new FH Consultant was using.  He blew me away when he said that the new FH Consultant was my 9 year old grandson!

Of course, I went and added the program to my browser (only for Chrome) and started it running!  It took hours to run and I ended up with over 1800 names in the Hope Chest!  I have been working to verify and prove the individuals, so we can reserve ordinances till needed.


I can't stress this enough!  So many times, people wee a green arrow and take it straight to the temple.  NO!!  You need to make sure you have the person as accurate as possible; linked to the right parents; married to the right spouse; that the children listed for them are really their children.... and the list goes on.

I can't tell you how many times I have found a female listed as a male, or a son married to his mother or grandmother because the names were the same.  Doing work for someone who is listed wrong, or has already had ordinances done, is wasting time.  Take a few minutes to find those who REALLY need work done.  It takes less time to verify than to do the work for them.  Maybe that means that one day when you would be going to the temple, you work at your computer instead.  It all is part of the process. 

There is no temple work to do without doing the research and verification first!