Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Heleman's Army

I learned the scripture story about the 2000 stripling warriors when I was very young and have always been impressed by it.   Sometimes it helps us to have a better understanding of the scriptures when we apply them to our lives now.

I came across this and found it so impressive!  To see how long it takes to view 2000 young men is amazing.  

The video of the Bountiful Handcart Days 2012 Parade of these young men below.



Dad and I were at the parade and saw tge 2200 stripling warriors. It was amazing to see all those lines of 10 men across. Each one decorated or painted their own pole or spear.
Tyler Jordan was also in the parade as a member of the Davis High School Band, some 240+ strong. They will be marching in the Tournament of Roses Parade in California this year. They also marched in the SLC Pioneer Day Parade. He plays the saxophone.

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