Monday, May 12, 2008

I finally got it!

I have seen the crochet hooks with ergonomic handles for about a year and have wanted a set since I saw them. Anyone who crochets a lot knows the pain that your hand begins to feel after a few hours of work. That pain magnifies for someone who is also on the computer a great deal of time, like I am. I have not spent the $20 to get myself a set because that was not as important as gas, food, bills . . . It was just something I wanted.

Well, my husband knows how much I love to crochet and so he ordered me some yarn for Mother’s Day. I don’t know what it is so it will be a surprise when it comes. But on Saturday he made two trips to the store and I was debating whether or not I should tell him to get me a set. I decided not to, but he did anyway! He really loves me.

I acted like a kid getting a favorite toy! But I made myself do the dishes, clean the sink and tidy my miniscule kitchen before I opened the package. Then I took pictures! I ended the day sitting in front of the TV, happily hooking and watching the PBR Bull Riding!

Did I ever mention that I LOVE bull riding? The rest of the rodeo events are fine, but there is so much dull-time that I get really bored. And crochet at a dusty dirty rodeo is just not what I want to do with my WIP’s (Works In Progress). But the bull riding is a totally different story! Sometime I’ll tell that story.

On Sunday, I also got a new watch, a big bag of Pistachio’s and a big bag of Kisses. Can you tell I have some favorite snacks? I’m nutty and I am a chocoholic and I am happy about that. Yes I care about my too-large size, but if it never changes, I am still happy! What more do I want? Except CHOCOLATE and YARN to crochet!