Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What is the surgery?

I really thought that we had explained the surgery that TK is having on April 3 to everyone, but since so many have asked about it; they must not remember what we said. So here is the short version:

He has a mass (Cholesteatoma) in and around his right ear. Also the bone behind the right ear is infected (Mastoiditis).

They will be opening up his head and removing the mass and drilling out the infection. The void will be packed off with bio-degradable foam, which will be absorbed over the next 2 months. He will lose hearing on the right side, but it is uncertain how much. He will also be very dizzy so he won’t be alone until he is able to maneuver steadily.

He will need reconstructive surgery in about 9 months. They haven’t explained what they will be reconstructing! We just know he will need it.

He will only be kept in the hospital if there is some type of problem.