Friday, April 4, 2008

Surgery Synopsis

TK’s surgery started a little late and went the scheduled 2 hours. Dr Fucci is the best! Since the full story has come to us in little snatches, I will just give you the full story and not waste time with when we found out what!

Dr Fucci said that there was a “massive amount of disease” that had to be removed. Because there was so much, he also had to remove all of the inner ear. However, he did NOT remove the part that helps with your balance.

During the surgery, TK’s lungs started to fill with fluid and his blood pressure went down to 60/40. This is called “congestive heart failure”. The doctors were able to get his stabilized and finished the surgery. But now they were also worried about his lungs. After he woke up (from a good dream, he says) they did a chest x-ray. Yes, his lungs were “wet” and there were some “spots” on them. Thus followed a breathing treatment to help empty the lungs-via the bladder. Then came another problem, but is will only touch on this briefly.

After having the nurses try 3 times to put in a catheter, without using the normal numbing agent, the 4th time (with a different model) finally worked. RELIEF- about 2 quarts worth!! Thankfully the catheter was removed immediately.

Because of the “heart” incident during the operation and the fact that they lungs weren’t clear, they decided to keep him overnight.

The next huge hurdle was getting him a room! The wait was made easier by the fact that we had a great recovery nurse and he was the only one left in that recovery area. Finally I left so I could get a reasonable amount of sleep, since I was already dragging. Thankfully, our 14 year old and I were able to stay at my parents that night which made everything much easier.

This morning he had another chest x-ray to see how his lungs were doing and they were fine (yeah). So when all was said & done, we finally got home this afternoon about 4 PM.

We are SOOOO glad to be at home.

We are SOOOO grateful for everyone who has been praying for TK. We couldn't’ do it without all of you.

We are SOOOOOO grateful for the blessings we have had the last 2 days. Without the blessings from our Father in Heaven, we would have had a much harder time.