Friday, May 23, 2008

Thoughts on Crochet

I just love crochet! There are so many satisfying things to make and so many colors to play with. I guess that's what my relationship with crochet is about, so I could just stop here.

But, you know me! I don't stop just because I can. I wouldn't be as irritating to some of you if I did that, so I'll continue.

I have said for many years that everyone needs to have some kind of "hobby" they can do just because they want to. For me it all began as a way to deal with panic attacks and Chronic Fatigue. I started with Cross Stitch (still do a little) and then switched to crochet. Both helped satisfy an intense need for color and kept my hands busy when my body could hardly move.

It has taken a long time for me to get decent at it, but now I feel like I can give something I've made and not have to make excuses about it. I think one of the most satisfying things I have done is to make the little nests for wildlife rehabilitation. Those fuzzy little things don't care what color I use or if it looks nice enough to show anyone. They just love having them.

I read that knitting and crochet are now used to help deal with stress. I think that's great and agree with them.

Now we don't need to make as many items for ourselves as they did in years past, but why lose the art of stress-relief? Or the art of creating something with your own hands? Or giving the gift of time to yourself or others, by making them a one of a kind creation. They may not realize it, but when you give something you have put hours/days/weeks into, you are really giving a piece of yourself when you give it to someone.

And it's a great feeling. Now my fingers are itching for some yarn and a hook. Let's see, where is the afghan for my teenager? . . .