Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I don’t know what came over me

Sometimes I get an urge to do something silly. My children- especially the girls- have watched my antics & rolled their eyes, sending me the unmistakable message that they really didn’t appreciate my attempts at humor.

When my oldest daughter was a teenager, she started listening to a few songs that were “remakes” of songs I grew up with. As I would drive her & her friends, I just had to sing along with those songs, but I sang them the way I remembered them and not the way the remakes sounded. She hated it. Her friends thought I was a cool mom & funny. At the time, I felt vindicated—I wasn’t embarrassing her, I was just funny.

With the youngest daughter, I have had those same unique urges. I act silly, dance around oddly, speak in a language that hasn’t been invented yet & generally be myself. Her eyes roll, too.

It is worth noting that before these girls were teenagers, they would laugh at my antics. So I have to believe that it is not “ME”, but the fact that they are at that time of life when nothing Mom does is cool. I think hormones play a huge part in the eye roll.

The other night I needed to talk to Dear Daughter about something that she NEVER likes to talk about. So I grabbed a couple of pillows and stuffed them in my clothes and went to speak with her. What did she do?

“Dad, Mom’s trying to act like Nanny McPhee!”

I thought the pillows looked pretty good.

(front & back in case there is any doubt)



I'm sure you were just trying to break the ice to talk to her about whatever it was. Did it work? I'm not looking forward to those awkward conversations with teenagers! Happy Mother's Day by the way!