Friday, July 31, 2009

Comments please

I know that that lots of people stop by my blog. But I get lonely when no one makes any comments.

How do I know if anyone likes or dislikes what I post?
How do I know if any of the posts are helpful?
How do I know if my attempts at humor work or fall flat?

Please make gets lonely in here!!


Sharla Jordan

I don't get a lot of posts either, but people read it :0)


I love your website! It is very versatile and informative.

I found it through a link from Lion Brand.

Keep up the good work!

By the way, if you give yarn a home, I might be able to send some your way. I admit it, I am a horder and compulsive yarn buyer! Let me know.



Carol; I would LOVE more yarn. My hubby uses it too!


Thanks for making a point to comment on my blog, Linda. I don't expect comments but it's nice of you to make some. You're a good woman.

I admit I'm not as into crochet as you are but I enjoy seeing what you're doing because I love you. The little yummy taste for yarn work that I get on your blog fills me.

The ideas you have for economizing and the recipes you post are interesting too. Thanks for sharing.