Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I do mornings

Anyone who knows me knows that 

I haven't gotten out of bed before 11:00am for years.  Of course, having chronic fatigue is one reason it's been so hard, and I thought it was the only reason.

Surprisingly, I was wrong.

After the fiasco with my meds, lasting two months, I have found a rather great outcome.  (No, we aren't finished messing with the meds.)  Now my body wakes up betwen 7-8am and it doesn't want to go back to sleep!  At first, I kept trying to go back to sleep after getting Dear Daughter off to school, but it just wasn't happpening! 

It took me a week to realize what what going on!  Dense, I know.  So now I actually beat the alarm clock!  I don't ever remember THAT happening. 

Now the problem is remembering to turn the alarm OFF before leaving the bedroom!


Sharla Jordan

"Good Morning Mary Sunshine, how did you wake so soon? You scared away the little birds and shined away the moon."