Wednesday, June 9, 2010

He loves me

Today the mailperson rang the doorbell because there was a package too big to fit in the mail box. It was quite heavy. Books, I thought. It was addressed to Dear Hubby, so I gave it to him. When the easy-open pull tabs on the end of the package didn’t work, he handed it back. So I took out my trusty box cutter/hobby knife and opened it quickly. Thinking to hand DH the books he ordered, I reached into the box and what did I find . . .?
My birthday present!

If you know what these are,
you will understand my glee!
I am happy! DH knows me and knows just how to surprise me. I HAD to open a bag and taste them.
AAHHHH, memories of childhood . . .

The box contained more than just one bag; it had FIVE BAGS!!!!!

I do plan to share --with my sister who has a birthday right next to mine.

If you don't know what these are--they are PINION nuts, or pinenuts.  YUMMY!



You sure know how to surprise Linda!
You even had the gift delivered before her birthday!!! Congrats!!!