Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Awards Night

Last night was the 9th grade Awards Assembly. We got a letter that Dear Daughter would be getting an award at the assembly.

With Dad, before the assembly.

Last year, she got one for being the 8th Band Band Student of the Year so we weren’t sure what award she would be getting this year. So we did a lot of speculation. I am happy to say that my guess was right.

It was a really pleasant surprise. It was an award in MATHEMATICS!

Background: She has been in special ed math for years, but this year she was ready for Algebra, because of some really hard work by the Mrs. Wightman, the math teacher. I began the year with trepidation, but no so for DD! The class only had about 6 or 7 students who were really ready for Algebra and DD was the only girl. I was proud of that fact! But still wondered what the year would bring. Imagine my pleased surprise at the fact that she has maintained an A in Algebra all year!

So it’s understandable that I might think that the award would be in Math. But the fact that she is in a special ed math, made me wonder.

I should have guessed that she was doing really well, after the teacher told me, in December, she would be ready for Geometry next year.

So, onward! Geometry, here she comes!

On stage, waiting for 2 other students to get their plaques.
Dad, Mom, DD, Grandpa