Sunday, May 16, 2010


I have tried to make slippers before, but the result was not what I wanted.  I gave up that aspect of crocheting.  But it seems that something always happens to bring us full circle.

And so it did.  A cousin of mine had a little baby girl at the end of last year.  This little girl is full of special needs, which means she is also full of blessings.  They don't live near me, so I have only been able to see pictures of her.  She is so small and dainty.

I can't begin to explain the problems this little girl has, mostly because this particular problem is unique to ONE FAMILY in the world!  My cousin happened to marry into that family.  What are the odds?  Really--what are the odds?

So I gave in!
I made my first pair of Premie Baby Booties.

That's a quarter, by the way -- just for reference.  They are about 75 cents long!

I think they turned out pretty cute.  But I had to guess at the length of her feet, so I hope they fit.
They fit Dear Hubby's largest finger and 2 of mine.