Friday, May 21, 2010

Last 9th Grade Concert

Last night was one of those poignant moments. It was the last band concert of the year. But it was also the last band concert for the 9th graders AND for the 8th graders. This is the last year that 9th grade will be at the Junior High’s. Next year, the 9th grade will be at the High Schools, and Junior High will only have 7th and 8th grade.

At the Concert & at the Awards assembly on Tuesday, it was especially poignant to me and Hubby. We have seen so much growth during the last 3 years. The teachers have commented on it, too.

The last 2 Band Concerts have been really fun. Mr. Murphy had them doing some “regular” pieces, but he also had them do some jazz pieces, and they did them well! In the March concert, My Murphy played his Sousaphone (made in the 1930’s) and they really rocked!

Last night, the last piece the band played was Santana’s “Evil Ways” and you should have seen Hubby (a drummer) smile & rock to it! It was so toe-tappin’ that you had to smile and join in. Espeacially at the drum riff at the end of the piece!!!  The piece rated a standing ovation, too.
We came home and had to listen to "Evil Ways" on the internet again.  It just made the band sound better because of how great they nailed it!
Of course, we got our usual ice cream from MacDonalds on the way home. It's become a tradition now and I think we have to continue it. One chocolate shake, one strawberry shake, one vanilla shake.