Monday, August 9, 2010

That box of pens and pencils. . .

Okay, I admit it. 
I love pens and pencils and paper! 
I love to walk around a stationary store and just look at everything.  I am a sucker for papers, in any form.  I love to have cute little pads of paper around me to draw on and write on.  In fact, I'd rather have new papers & pens than a bouquet of flowers!  Odd, I know, but more affordable.

When they remodeled the apartment (a few years ago), they came out with a full bankers box of pens, pencils & markers. I will say that I was a little surprised at how many there were and I have worked at NOT buying any more (mostly). 

Finally it was time to go through the box.   So one night before bed, I dragged out the box and started to test the pens and sort everything into pencils, mechanical pencils, pens, colored pencils and markers.  I didn't test the markers then, or it would have taken me double the time.

What I ended up with was :
  • a lot of pencils that need to be sharpened
  • mechanical pencils that I have to try & put lead in
  • markers to test sometime this week
  • colored pencils to sharpen
  • one box of drug company pens that I will only use at home
  • a stack regular pens that work
  • about 150 pens and a few pencils I threw away
  • even had some paints in there

If anyone wants a few drug company pens to use at home, I can give you a few.

Now I just need to test the markers &sharpen the pencils & test the mechancial pencils.

What I want to know is this: How can I still have a full box when I threw so much away?



Use a smaller box!!! It will be easier to store and to heft. Congrats on doing the job, you must feel tons better to know what works and where to quickly find what you need. How about using one of your black zipper cases that used to have tapes in it? Mom