Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sisters Pedi

My birthday & the next sister’s birthday are exactly one week apart. This is usually the excuse that we use to get together and do something. Most often that is going to lunch together. This year we went to get pedicures.  We did miss the conversation over lunch though!
Since the birthday girls had never had pedicures, it was a great opportunity to try one. As you can see, we filled the chairs, there was one woman already there, and she was treated to being right in the middle of the group and all the comments and “pass this on” things we had. But she didn’t’ want to be in the pictures. If we had all the sisters together, we would have had to kick her out, since there are 5 of us.
See my pretty toes. The 3 oldest girls picked the same color. They had to pass it back and forth for all of us to use.

My only complaint is that they didn’t “rub my feet” hard enough or long enough. I guess that comes under “foot massage” instead of “pedicure”.