Wednesday, July 20, 2011

History repeats itself

When my oldest daughter was about 16, I asked her to start the dishwasher because I had forgotten to do it. She asked how much to fill the soap container and I told her to fill it about ¾ of the way. A little later, I was in my basement bedroom and heard A LOT of clomping footsteps in the kitchen overhead. Upon investigation, I found my daughter desperately trying to deal with a mountain of suds coming from the front of the dishwasher. I stopped at the kitchen doorway and started laughing!

Daughter = “What are you laughing for?”

Me = “What soap did you use?”

Daughter = “This one” holding up the dishwashing soap

Me = laughing “That’s for the sink, not the dishwasher!”

Daughter = “Well, it was the only one by the sink.”

Me = laughing and holding my sides “Look under the sink. There is a dish WASHER soap that doesn’t suds so much”

Daughter = “Stop laughing! At least you get a clean floor out of it!”

After giving a few tips on how to deal with the suds, I went back down to the bedroom and listened to her working. And I laughed for a long time.

Today, that daughter is 30 and the other daughter is 17. The younger one came quietly into my bedroom and asked what soap to put in the small holder of the dishwasher. I got up to show her and found she had put dishwashing soap into the main soap container. I immediately started laughing and told her she was just like her sister. She took that as a compliment!

When I told her that she would need to be ready to clean up the suds that were going to pour out of the dishwasher, she decided that using paper towels to scrap all the soap out was a better idea. Then I gave her the same lesson I gave her sister, as I laughed and laughed!

She didn’t appreciate the laughter. 

When I told my older daughter about it, she said it was a logical thing to do.  "Dishes and dishwashing soap.  It's just logical"  It's also funny! 

And to get to see it twice in one lifetime is even better!!!



Wow! I thought that only happened in the movies. :) So funny. Love the picture!


Thanks for sharing. You have to admit that Alyssa was smart enough to ask before starting the dishwasher. Good for Alyssa!!!


Have never laughed so much, as l remember doing something similar years ago. lol.


When I told my older daughter about it, she said it was a logical thing to do.