Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Memory of the Attack

10 years ago, I was up earlier than normal and decided to watch TV news instead of reading the newspaper. I came into the newscast about the time they were trying to figure out what had happened at the first of the towers. They talked about a plane but most thought it was some kind of bomb. Then the unthinkable happened and another huge plane went into the other tower. I think the only thing I could do was gasp! That was when the tears started and they weren't going to stop for the rest for the day.  I kept switching from one news station to another to get all the information I could. There had to be some kind of reasoning for all this.

Just like most of the nation, I was on my couch glued to the news coverage for the next few days. Trying to take in the magnitude of what had happened was difficult. For the next week the whole nation was quiet; no planes were in the air! I live by an airport so it was really noticeable. Then when the planes began to fly again, we would stop and listen to each one until we were sure it wasn't going down. It took a long time to stop listening to the planes.

Maybe we need to listen to everything more closely; like the voice inside that tells us to be more gentle and kind, to be more aware and proactive, to be ready give our all.