Sunday, February 24, 2008


Yesterday, I took the first 5 nests I had made to a woman in our area that does wildlife rehabilitation. It was such an interesting experience! There was a new surprise every 5 minutes, which made me want to stay lots longer than I needed to. Like the Bennett Wallaby that was under the coffee table in the front room! (She uses it as a teaching animal) The most gratifying thing is that the nests are going to be a good thing for the rabbits, birds, cats, sugar gilders, finches and she raises the largest rodent for zoos.

Patagonian Cavie (actually a rodent)


When she would put a rabbit into one of the nests, they just stayed there! It made me feel so good! She is rehabbing a full grown cottontail rabbit that was hit by a car. This poor little rabbit has not had any place to curl up, but when she put it into the largest nest, it seemed to love it.

I came away with a list of at least 6 different types of things to work on. I am excited to start working on the patterns for the new items that we talked about. Of course the pattern will have to be modified for the different animals. The only problem is that I want to work on all of them at once and get them all done today!

When I got home and told my family about everything, they decided they want to go with me next time I deliver things. A few minutes later, dear daughter told me to take a chill pill and calm down! That’s how excited the whole thing made me.