Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thoughts of President Hinckley - February 2, 2008

When I first was told of his passing I did as many people and felt a very deep loss. I then started thinking f all of the profits that I personally have seen or listen to. It was in the thought that I realized my very deepest feeling was as though I lost a dear friend. It was as though one of my lifelong friends had passed, someone with whom I had shared my most private information and sensitive emotions.
Taking a deep breath I calmly said a prayer for his family. It was after this that I had a better understanding. He was my best friend. After all he was the only Profit that I ever known during my thirteen years as a member. I am a spiritual teenager and my best teacher, friend, grandfather and trusted advisor was gone.
I know the Church will continue and a new and equally inspired profit will take his place. I will continue to learn and grow as I adjust to his leadership and listen to those of my Ward and Stake leadership. I will love and support ALL of the Church leadership but no one will ever replace that special image in my heart. It is a memory of President Hinckley with his clear gentle eyes looking into mine and he with that sweet little grin he always had as if to say “Listen to the Father and obey”, “Do your best” and “Put a smile on your face, remember you’re on the winning team”.
Until we meet again Brother Gordon, may God bless you and please give Marjorie and hug for me.
Brother Terry



Beautifully said Terry. Thanks for your thoughts on President Hinckley.