Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mildew in my laundry

Saturday afternoon I started a batch of washing. I was only going to do one batch because I needed the underwear!

So I filled the laundry basket. Walked out into the furnace of summer and into the laundry room we share with the other side of our duplex. Sweat is beginning to break out on my face and other places I don‘t need to mention.

I started the washer, checked the clothes, and sweated a lot more in the confined space with no air moving.

30 minutes later I went back into the furnace and into the sauna-like laundry room and moved the now clean clothes into the dryer. Big Sigh!

Saturday I was taking off my clothes to get ready for bed and realized that the clothes were still in the dryer. Since there isn’t much light outside, I had a headache, and I was tired- the clothes were going to have to wait.

And they did. Until Monday morning when I went out to get them so I could start the rest of the washing for the week.

As I went into the closed space of the laundry room I noticed it now had a new feature. STINK! That’s the best term I can put on the foul odor. Checked the washer first. Nothing there. Heart sinking!!!! I look at the dryer and notice that the door was just slightly ajar.

At this point I was wishing I could just call the neighbors and tell them that their laundry was stinking up the neighborhood. But it was mine. Somehow the dryer door had popped open. (Yes, I know I closed it because I get to feel the nice smelling by hot dryer vent as I go in my back door)

Now, I know what I GET to do. I GET to re-wash that batch.

The problem is that once you have mildew in your clothes, how do you get it out? I found the SECRET long ago because I have a tendency to leave laundry out in the furnace of summer.


I started the washer, put in some liquid laundry soap and VINEGAR (about 1-2 cups, depending on the smell) and set it to do a short wash.

After the cycle was done, I gently opened the lid and softly smelled. RELIEF!!!

Now into the dryer and then into the house. 3 more batches and no more mildew. Lesson learned --AGAIN!