Friday, July 11, 2008

Stitch & Pitch Baseball

There are some things in life that just don’t seem fair!

I have read about many Stitch & Pitch baseball games and have wanted to go to one. Yesterday, I found out through my local crochet group that the Arizona Diamondbacks are finally having one. I started to calmly express my joy by jumping up and down while dancing.

Then I read the date – August 24th, 2008. This happens to be a Sunday. My joyful dance turned into huge frustration!

Sunday is out! No hedging! And if there was ever a time I felt like rationalizing—this would be it. Sunday is a day to attend church, read scriptures, rest, visit family, or other things that would keep the Lord’s Day holy. (See the Ten Commandments)

Well, I didn’t give myself time to start the rationalization; I just sent my reply saying that I would not be there, but ONLY because it was a Sunday.

So, I tried to put it out of my mind. Well today, I promptly looked up what the tickets cost; hoping that the price would be huge and would make it easier for me to miss it. The price is only $15.00 and there will be vendors there (companies who sell things related to crochet) which means that there would be freebies and other things that I would love to get.

Well that tactic didn’t help at all! So I’m down to just staying home because I know that going to a sports event on Sunday is not what I should do. There are times that obedience can be a real bummer!

Will all of you who go to the Diamondbacks Stitch N Pitch game think of me and make about 1000+ comments about how it should be on any other day? Then next year I might be able to go. (And I hope you feel guilty for breaking the Sabbath Day!)