Monday, December 1, 2008

Pictures from my trip

These are randomly selected pictures from my trip. I will write about it later.

J is one of my favorite people in the world.
Life is tough for him & his family right now.

Cousins playing & watching TV .
Actually they are just making a mess.

More of the cousins.
The ONE GIRL with the 15 boys that were there.

Serving dinner to the 15 boys, one girl, & 7 adults.
This kitchen is great for that.

Do I look like "Micheal Jordon"? They say I do.

Conversation overheard this same night between two brothers, age 12 & 10, who were watching "Three Amigos!"

After hearing the word 'foreplay' in the movie.
S: What's foreplay?
Me: I'm not sure. Ask your parents.
S continues to ask me what it means. He finally gives up and asks his brother.
S: T what does foreplay mean?
T: Oh, that's when they get on their horses. (referring to the movie)
S: Okay.
I hid my smile and actually did not laugh at their innocence. But it was a close one for me.