Monday, September 7, 2009

A New Project

Have you ever heard of “Lands’ End”? Of course you have! To be honest, the closest I ever get is drooling over the catalogs.

Have you ever heard of “Warming Families”?

How about “One Heart Foundation”?

Well these organizations are working together in Lands’ End “FeelGood Campaign” extending from September 1, 2009 through December 2009.

Excerpt from
“This fall, Lands' End will kick off the FeelGood Campaign, a terrific way to shop - and feel good about giving to homeless individuals and families across the country. Beginning September 1st, for every Lands' End FeelGood sweater purchased, the company will donate signature FeelGood yarn to One Heart Foundation's Warming Families, a nationwide knitting charity. Lands' End expects to donate thousands of pounds of yarn to the charity where volunteers plan to knit up to 25,000 hats and other items to warm the homeless and displaced.”

After learning about this, I signed up to help. And since they didn’t have anyone in Arizona to help co-ordinate things here-I signed up for that, too!

So I am busily crocheting hats and T is continuing to work on his loom hats. Right now we have 2 of the large blue IKEA bags FULL of his hats!!!

Working with “Warming Families” as a Chapter-Area Volunteer (CAV) means I also get to find other volunteers to knit or crochet hats for this particular campaign and to help with the regular hats/blankets/lapghans/etc.

If you or anyone you know, would like to help with the “FeelGood Campaign” you can go to the websites below or contact me.

Warming Families
One Heat Foundation