Friday, August 14, 2009

Plarn class in Carefree, AZ

When you see my hair you will understand how much energy I use when I teach! I promise that before the class began, my hair was "done", not scraggly and wet looking.

Examples of things made with plarn.

I love it when my wonderful friend Robin comes to help.
This bag looked very "harvest" or "Halloween"

Having men in the classes is rare. This particular man caught on really fast and made his have a striped look. Very cool.

I asked them all to let me know what they do with the bag they started. I'm looking forward to seeing a few bags.



I just wanted to leave you a comment and thank you for teaching others how to craft with recycled materials like plastic bags. It's such a wonderful thing to teach others to make useful things from otherwise trash. Best wishes on your classes.