Sunday, August 9, 2009

Need Your Suggestions

As most of you know, I have suffered from depression (as a few other things) most of my life. Usually I deal pretty well with it. But sometimes – like now—it gets a little difficult for me. So I need some humor, ideas and communication with the outside world to help right now.

I have begun to stay at home (okay, since it’s 116 outside that may not be too odd). I have not gone to fun family things or boring ones either.

I have gotten into a rut of only doing the housework that literally has to be done. With my small place, that creates a problem after just one day. Imagine how it is after almost a month!

I have food to cook, but can’t seem to figure out what to make—or to find the energy to make it?

There is a towel sitting in the hall (only place for the dirty clothes) waiting to be washed that really stinks. Dear daughter went swimming over a month ago and left the wet towel in a plastic bag—I found it yesterday.

There are so many projects I am excited about doing, but can’t even muster the “umph” to get things out to start any of them.

Yes, I’m complaining. It keeps playing in my mind, and I hate listening to it too. So I have started listening to music or audio books or scriptures on my MP3. I have been taking the medications I should take. I have made myself go places.

I have tried all my own ideas. It’s time for fresh ideas.
I need your ideas. So share!!!!


Sharla Jordan

Make a game out of all you accomplish everyday. Write down three goals to do everyday that are either productive or uplifting and then three things that are just fun and/or family bonding. see how many different things you can do each day. Start with tackling the things that drain you of energy the most :0)


Sometimes I wish that I could magicaly take all the bad away and give you everything that you needed to be happy. However if I did there wouldn't be anyting for you or us to work on together.

But what I can do is love you with all my heat, mind and soul and when that's not enough we hold each others hand and let the Lord walk us through it.
I love you!,