Saturday, October 10, 2009

Death Warmed Over

What is it about the common cold that can turn you into a whiney little baby? So this post will be mostly that whiney part. . .

On Thursday night, Oct 1, I began to feel like I was getting sick. Then on Friday, it hit full force! The headache, fever, stuffy nose then drippy nose, watery eyes, sneezing, achy, and a throat that hurts so much I don’t want to even breathe through it!!

I put all the medicines, thermometer, tissues, etc. in a crocheted bowl that I carry from my bed to my computer and back to bed. Dear Daughter didn't even realize I was sick until just a few days ago. Don't ask me how it went un-noticed. Maybe she was just relieved to have me not after her to do the things she is suppose to do.

Now it’s Oct 10! I am still sick. It did change a bit and went into my lungs, so I have been coughing up a storm-and then some.

Have I been to the Dr?, you ask. No, I don’t have insurance and there isn’t enough money for that. The Dr would tell me that I have the flu and should rest, drink plenty of fluids, take a pain reliever if I need one. So I have been following the non-doctor prescription. I will admit that this is the worst flu I’ve ever had!!!!

If T gets this, he will end up in the hospital! Diabetes makes him more susceptible to things and this one is a doosy!

Some have asked me if it is swine flu. Well . . . since I haven’t seen a doctor, and no tests have been run, it is impossible to say if it is that particular strain of flu. But I can say it’s nasty stuff! It's so bad that I haven't had a crochet hook in my hand for 10 days!!!