Monday, October 19, 2009

Swine Flu

Well, most of you know I have been sick since Oct 1st. This is an update on my adventures with the Swine Flu.

I have actually been feeling better! I was so happy to feel good on Friday that I over did it. Just 3 small jobs around the house used every bit of energy I had! So I am taking things slower. More turtle-like.

Some have asked about this, so here is a short version.

Sept 30 is when I started to feel like I was getting sick. The next morning - it was full blown!!! Mostly it was in my head and throat. My ears felt like I had gone up in an airplane without being able to "pop" them. So uncomfortable and painful!

After 2 weeks, my head began to clear a little and it went into my lungs. Then the coughing began!!!! Me & my bladder HATE coughing!!!!!

Now the cough is still there, but not so bad.What did I do/take for it? I did everything I knew about -- all of my Mom's things, some over the counter things, Emergne-C, reflexology (thumbs and sinus on hands), any herbs I had that dealt with sinus, V-8 juice, SunBreeze, Vicks, and LOTS OF REST!!

No, I didn't go to a doctor--no insurance. But I did everything he would have told me to do, and saved the $70-$90 to buy what I needed.

Overall, I have had a reasonably easy bout of this piggy flu! And somehow, Hubby & Dear Daughter have not gotten it. That is the biggest blessing of all! I worked on not spreading it!

Have on hand:
Kleenex - I have used 4 boxes so far.
Over-the-counter medications you prefer.
Vitamin C
Emergen-C (or Airborne)
V-8 juice (ask if you want to know why this & not fruit juice)
Vicks & Sunbreeze
Cough Drops
Masks (to avoid spreading it)
Lysol (to avoid spreading it)
Purell type hand sanitizer (to avoid spreading it)


Sharla Jordan

So sorry to hear that you have been battling this for so long. It was a bummer that I didn't get to see you this weekend. I hope you are recovered very soon.

The Roberts Family

That sounds horrible!!! I'm glad you're finally feeling better. There's nothing like a temporary bad sickness to help us appreciate the way that we feel when we're not sick...even if we're not in good health to begin with. :)