Friday, August 13, 2010

I tried a new craft

Look what I did! 

It's called Needle Felting

You start with Roving (unspun wool) and really fine SHARP felting needles. You use something for a pattern or outline and start punching the needle in-out-in-out until the roving begins to "felt".    When you are done, you have made unspun wool into a pattern or shape. 

First I tried to make a coaster.  I used too much roving so it came out pretty thick.  But it worked!

The red heart was a last minute idea. 

I made a heart stencil and worked it directly onto a jacket that I only wear around the house to keep me warm in our frosty Arizona winters.  Today, I tossed it in with the clothes I was washing and it was just fine.

They say you can use wool felt and wool yarn, also.  My mind is just going wild with the possibilities.  Now I want to get some felting molds and do a few pins and hair clips and figure out something to do on Dear Daughter's clothes.

Let's see. . . what would a 16 year old girl like me to put on her clothes.?.?.?