Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Beacon In The Storm

Feeling lost and overwhelmed by all that’s going on in your life and in the world?

Life can be hard at times. And lately, things seem to be harder than usual. When life gets tough, where do you turn? What do you do? For me, its God I turn to.

In the Bible, they had Prophets that lived among them to give counsel and advice. With all the problems and difficulties we face, our day could certainly benefit from having a Prophet.

There is a Prophet of God on the earth today! His name is Thomas S. Monson and he will be speaking to the world on Saturday and Sunday, October 2 & 3. I promise that you will find peace as you watch any of the broadcasts. Prophets bring peace to troubled minds and hearts.

Although, he will be speaking from Salt Lake City, Utah; you can watch him from wherever you live. The talks will be broadcast on BYUTV and on the Internet (http://lds.org/broadcast/gc/1,5161,9199,00.html) . The times of the broadcasts are 10 am and 2 pm both days, MDT (Noon and 4pm Eastern time/ 9 am and 1 pm Pacific time). You can also watch it on the Internet at any time after each broadcast.

There is help for all of us who carry burdens and are suffering.  If all you need to do is watch TV for awhile, why not see if it can help you in whatever you are suffering through right now?