Sunday, October 3, 2010

Conference Glow

Yesterday and today, I have really enjoyed watching the LDS Worldwide General Conference. Conference always seems to come at the times my spirit needs feeding the most and I am never disappointed!

There were so many speakers and so many topics that I can’t make just a brief list. But I have written down the times the Spirit spoke to me about my life and where it needs adjusting. I do love to hear about the things I am doing and feel the encouragement to keep going. No one who listens with an open mind and heart can fail to find a feast. With that feast in mind, I am now stuffed! It will take me the next 6 months to really digest the things that were said and to adjust my life to be more Christ-like and more humble.

I hope you listened and have also been fed. I hope that you will find something for your life in what you heard during these 2 days of wonderful speakers and beautiful music.

I have found a new website for General Conference.
It has all the sessions and you can watch one session or one speaker.

Next Saturday and Sunday, General Conference will be broadcast again in ASL (American Sign Language).  The times will be the same as this week (see previous post) and you can both hear and see the talks given, again.

By next week, all the talks will be on the web to be printed or read.,5234,49-1,00.html  This will give just one more way to study what was said and try to implement it in our lives.

I was so excited to hear about 5 new temples that Pres. Monson announced for Portugal, Philippines, Connecticut, Indiana, and Mexico.  The work just moves faster and faster.  If you stand still, you might get run over!

Such a feast and it never has empty platters.