Sunday, March 2, 2008


Stitching these little nests has really been fun! Last time I talked to Lisa, the rehabber, she said that the rabbits were really enjoying them. They are able to keep their feet in a more natural position than they can on the plastic or metal floor of the cages.

The rabbits are also showing signs of manipulating their environment by moving the nests and turning them upside down for little caves. This is a really good thing since the goal is to release them into the wild again.

The tiny nests are for baby sparrows and such that will be hatching here all through March & April. Lisa has these birds brought to her the same day they hatch and they need a very tiny little place to be for a while. (no they are not for hummingbirds)

If you are interested in making any, the pattern is located at:
The pattern can be changed easily to make larger or smaller nests. I started with this basic pattern for all the nests I’ve made.

This on is a Finch Nest

These are collars for her goat.

Since I'm having so much fun, the yarn is just disappearing!