Thursday, July 31, 2008


How do you count your blessings when you don’t even know about them?

We have been having problems with our cable internet connection being very slow. With up to four computers on at once, and doing things from games (high graphics) to downloads (very intensive) to business (very important); we really need the connection to be reliable.

T & I talked about replacing this or that, but then he started to do some testing on the connection. We could get on the internet, but the cable company showed that we didn’t have any connection. Can you say “Found The Problem”?

We didn’t know exactly what the problem was, but we knew it was in the cable stuff and not our stuff. Since we pay a whopping $3 a month for the cable company to come inside the door without charging us for it-we scheduled a “check-up”.

Jason was the tech that came out today. He began sorting through the web of wires (some of which are not even in use) under T’s desk. He got some tools and stuff. Then I hear “WOW” and see a puff of smoke. (Now this is where I question the hiring practices of the cable company) He tried to touch the coax cable to the connection he had just taken it out of and there was an arc of electricity about 3 inches long! As Jason left the house to get a voltage meter, the cute little comments were made about waking up, zapping, etc. (I really think he had to go change his pants)

We found out that the problems actually began about May when we last had a tech out. That first tech had wired an 80 volt ac line directly to our cable inlet. This means that ANYTHING connected to cable in our home ($30,000 easily) could have been fried, shorted out, burned, wiped out, melted down, zapped, buzz-wapped, AND emitted toxic smoke. The problem was corrected- immediately!

Then we sat back and began to realize just how many blessings we have had in connection with this. But I don’t think we can even touch the surface of the actual number! If we had tried to change any coaxial cable connection in the house, someone would have gotten that buzz-wapp feeling that is likely to end with a trip to the hospital. And then while you were at the hospital the house would have burned down around that 80 volt current that you dropped when you got buzz-whapped.

I wonder if the monsoon storms we have been having created more danger, I mean blessings?