Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday S

I have the best daughter-in-law in the world and

today is her birthday.

Just a few things I love about her:

  1. She loves my son and is the best wife I think he could have chosen.

  2. She is a wonderful mother to my grandsons.

  3. She enjoys the mischief and mayhem that comes with two little boys and still loves them with all her heart.

  4. She is the only one I trust completely with my hair.

  5. She can do things with a blog that I can’t begin to duplicate (and I am trained on computers)!

  6. I have never heard her raise her voice, for anything.

  7. She is beautiful and very feminine.

  8. She loves to cook and make bread and do all the things that go into creating a happy, loving home.

  9. She supports my son in everything (even when I probably wouldn’t have).

  10. She has a loving smile that makes you feel like she is smiling just for you.

  11. She loves Christ and you can tell by her actions that she does everything she can to live as Christ would want her to.

  12. She is accepting of everything. (Sometime I’ll have to get her to tell me what she really feels!)

  13. She is the most well-rounded, gospel loving, happiest woman I know.

Happy Birthday S!

We love you greatly and miss you a lot!

Too bad she doesn’t have the best mother-in-law,

or she would be getting a handmade card instead of this blog.



What a nice tribute! She is a pretty fantastic gal. We love her too! Happy Birthday!!



Thanks for the nice, and I might add too nice words! You made me feel like a million bucks!


Saralyn is awesome! Such a sweet MIL to write a nice tribute to her. Happy Birthday!

Love, Chalice