Saturday, July 26, 2008

It was 29 years ago

29 years ago today, I went to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport with my husband to get our first child as my father brought a little baby boy off the airplane. I was filled with emotions I still can’t put a name to!

After I got that little boy into my arms, I didn’t want to let him go. Since this was in 1979, it was before any laws for seat belts or child restraints. So I held that little baby as we left the airport and drove to my parents’ home in Mesa.

When I think back now about how everyone carried children in their cars, I am almost horrified! I used to put the babies on the seat beside me, lying down, so I could take care of them as I drove. When they got older, they would sit in the back seat where they sat, crawled around, laid down, or stood; whatever the mood happened to be. When we had a panel van, I would put the baby on the floor between the seats. Sometimes it makes you wonder how so many children survived their childhood.

I looked for the picture we took sitting on the couch with him, but couldn’t find it.

First-time parents can do some pretty interesting things. I was the oldest of 10 and had a little bit of understanding about babies (emphasis on LITTLE BIT). My hubby was 4th of 5.

When we got home to our apartment, we took care of this brand-new little boy and then we went to bed about 11:30pm. About 2:30 am, the baby began to get fussy. We both got up to feed him. Things were going just fine until hubby jumped up and ran into the bedroom. When he came back in the front room, I asked what was wrong. He had sat an alarm for 3:00 so that we would not sleep through the feeding time!

If I remember right, I began to laugh!! Having lived with lots of little babies, I knew that it was VERY UNLIKELY that we would sleep through a crying baby that was in a bassinet right next to our bed! That has always been a good story to tell! Of course, he never set an alarm for a baby again. Duh!!