Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mammogram at the Spa

Today was the day for my mammogram. Now you may not think that is anything to blog about, but this one is. I go to BREASTNET, which is located in Scottsdale, off of Shea Blvd & the 101. I love this place. It only took me 7 minutes to get there from East Mesa! I was 45 minutes early.

It’s funny how all the women sitting there were instant friends. Even though we had never seen each other before, we had an instant bond. We visited about things and talked as if we were going to see each other again tomorrow. I was thinking about this when one woman walked out to change back into her clothes. Before she left, she and one of the woman still waiting were talking about golfing in Prescott. They had never seen each other before and probably never would again!

BREASTNET tries to have a spa atmosphere instead of a clinical, sterile office.

The colors are purple and green. Soft, feminine colors.
They have small dressing rooms with lockers.
They give you cute waist length gowns to put on.
The waiting area is wicker chairs with pillows on them.
There is water if you would like some.
There is a restroom right by the waiting room. No trailing down the hall to find it.
There are CURRENT magazines!