Monday, November 16, 2009

It's time again

Well, the time has come again. T will have surgery to finish the surgery he had a year & a half ago.

The next 3 days will be spent doing as many errands as I can, getting the right kind of bandages, getting everything for Thanksgiving dinner, etc. While he recovers, I won't be leaving the house for very long because of his dizziness. So as much as I can do now will really help later.

Also, I have to do all of the jobs T usually does. That's not really too bad, since the jobs will get done when I want them done.

The part I am NOT looking forward to is dealing with Dear Daughter! Lately she has not been speaking to me-which leaves Dad to deal with all the problems. During recovery Dad won't be able to deal with any problems. He will be dealing with sleeping, taking pills and eating as much as he can. Listening to a teenager yelling & complaining will not be on his TO-DO list.

So--I'm making a list--checking it twice-- (you finish the song)