Saturday, January 9, 2010


It's time I posted something!
But I can't think of much to post right now.

Well there is one funny thing that happened; but I'll tell you in advance that it's one fo those kind where you "had to be there" to really understand it.

Dear Daughter has been in the teenage yucks for a while and it isn't showing signs of letting up.   This particular night, we were leaving my family's Christmas Party.  We gathered our things and went out to the van.  Doors are opened, things put in wherever, and we started to get in our seats. 

DD says, after sitting her skinny 5'9" body on the floor for the program,-- "I'm glad it's over!  My butt knuckle really hurts!"   There is a moments pause as T & I take in what she said, then we start laughing and can't stop.  DD thinks we are laughing AT her until one of us finally can say "Butt Knuckle?  Where is your but knuckle?"  

Then she tried to repeat the humor a few times.
What age are you when you finally learn that some jokes are only funny the first time?