Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tomatoes are growing

Last summer, I was given a tomato plant that is suppose to be an everlasting one. It came in a little peat cup ready to be watered and then planted after it had grown to a specific size. I thought this would be a good thing, since I use large containers on my carport.

I followed the directions and planted it at the right time. It grew very nicely and even had some flowers. I was sure that tomatoes were just a few weeks away. I was wrong. Now my goal changed to just keeping it alive for the rest of the blazing hot summer. Success; it lived!

During our somewhat short, cold winter, I noticed that there were 2 little tomatoes that were trying to grow in spite of the frost and cold temps. I watched closely! They just kept on growing, but it was slow!

Yesterday, we counted almost 20 little tomatoes on that wonderful, but sad looking plant. There are also about the same number of blossoms!

We are waiting for some RED to show before I take pictures to share. We check every day, but it goes so slow when you try to watch a plant grow!