Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Animals

We paid another visit to our favorite small mammal rehabber. We took a number of nests for the rabbits and other animals. Above are some new ones and 2 that have been used for a month and washed repeatedly. They are looking great!

This time we did take the camera. So you get to see some of the animals and how they use the nests. The animals are loving these.

This Sugar Glider is just peaking out!

Below is a Chinchilla.

These next 2 are the Patagonian Cavies. She was telling us about them and we just kept asking questions. All of this is so fascinating! They have SKINNY SKINNY legs

Now for the Wallaby. She likes to be held in a pouch for about 2 hours each day. The pouch is about the size of 2 baby blankets stitched together.
Here she is standing by the bar between the kitchen and dining area.

If you have a desire to make some of these nests, contact me and I will tell you where to send them.


The Jordan's

How Fun! Way to go on all the nest making, I'm sure those little critters are really grateful.