Tuesday, March 25, 2008

WIPs (Works In Progress)

My second Dot's Doohickey. I love these things! Hubby is asking for one for his office desk.
First and second. The second one is really purple.
Started a new baby afghan so I have something to stitch on in the Dentist's chair. Started this one last night.
My new "yarn holder" is really an entertainment center. This is just the TV section, and no, this does not contain all the yarn. The blue tub is balls to use for nests.
Granny Square for the back of my daughters couch. Just one more color!
Another Dentist chair project. (Yes, I've been there a lot lately) Just need red/maroon/mauve to to an edging.
Close-up of the stitch. I love this because I don't have to look, just feel.

The lastest batch of nests.
Nests folded for storage.