Saturday, March 22, 2008

What’s Good Friday?

While working deep in thought on my computer I became aware of my 14 year old daughter just behind me. She was playfully involved in a computer game and at the same time she was talking over the speaker phone (just like her Grandfather) to another 14 year old.

I then heard this voice from the phone as a VERY good question. He said to her, “Hey, what is Good Friday?” Well I knew the question would soon be riding the roller coaster rails of intellectualism until it decided to pop out and be hurled full force at me.

After gracefully receiving the pass I explained in very simple terms that Christians believe x, y, z, etc. Then my daughter interjected “But we are Mormon, Dad”. The little boys voice on the phone said, “That’s ok, I’m half Mormon and half Irish”. I just chuckled with the vision in my head of a leprechaun standing there with a Book of Mormon in one hand and a pint of root beer in the other.

(This is from TK)