Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Hairy Story

For years Dear Daughter has wanted to grow out her hair until it was down to her waist. We have battled about keeping it combed and neat so many times, I have no way to begin counting them. She found ‘her look’ and was pretty good about keeping it nicely done. She never would let me play with her hair or “do” her hair.

Am I the only mother who likes to play with her daughter’s hair? When I was riding in the car with my oldest daughter and her children, I was gently touching her hair and running it through my fingers. Little granddaughter decided that I shouldn’t be doing that and said “Mom, her’s playing with your hair.” My daughter explained that it was okay, since I was her mommy. It was so funny.

This is one of her "looks".

Then, when younger daughter finally understood why she needed to keep it neat and clean, she decided that she wanted to cut it!

We measured it about a month before it was cut and it was 21” from the crown of her head.

She decided that she wanted to cut it for Locks of Love. Good choice.

They cut off almost 12” and this is how long it still is.



Wow, her hair was so long, I have always wanted to grow mine long, but can't because it is too hard to keep it looking good long. That is so sweet that she donated her hair!