Thursday, August 7, 2008


It is finally time for school to start. The time of year all mothers dream of!! Before we were mothers we would dream of Christmas or our birthday. But once you have children in school, this is what you dream of until your last child graduates from high school. So I have been running around doing all those things you have to do to prepare for a child to go back to school.

  • Checking clothes and Shopping
  • Checking immunization records and making a doctor’s appointment
  • Checking school supplies and Shopping
  • Checking the child’s hair and making a hair appointment
  • Rechecking everything and Shopping again, and again, and again
  • Did I mention I hate Shopping?

I like to do things ahead, but if you want to take advantage of the really cheap school supplies on sale, you have to wait until the last week or two before school starts. There are also a few decent sales on the “in” clothes.

So yesterday, I went and spent $25 for 3 of the long under t-shirts. I had worked myself up to paying full price for these because I knew she would wear them and she is so tall that she really needs them. Did I mention that I’m Cheap?

As I was finishing my list of errands for the day, I found myself close to an outlet store that had been recommended. So, I decided to check it out. By this time, I had been gone from home for 5 hours, just doing errands! I wasn’t in a mood to really Shop. Did I mention I hate Shopping?

I had been in the store for about 10 minutes and had found 2 or 3 things that might work. Then the owner got on the intercom and announced that they were having a sale for that day and the next. BOGO ½(Buy One Get One Half-Price) That’s when I decided that I would get a cart and really Shop.

I walked out of there with 10 items and paid $52. Five pairs of pants, 3 tops and 2 pieces of jewelry. Did I mention that these were NEW clothes and NAME BRANDS? I got Massimo, Forever 21, and more. I paid $2.00 for one pair of Forever 21! I was so excited when I left the store that I started calling everyone I knew that might need school clothes. It is so rare for me to get that excited about Shopping. Did I mention I hate Shopping?

And they all FIT!!! The best part was that dear daughter LOVED everything! Did I mention I enjoy Shopping?

Oh, you want to know what the store was?

Gabby's Outlet (Southwest Corner of Alma School & Baseline)
2043 S Alma School Rd
Mesa, AZ 85210-4002
(480) 839-0880



Great... I love shopping & now planning to buy a diamond ring from Zales for my mom's birthday.