Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shock for Mom

How do you know when your child is really trying to be an adult? Today, I got that kind of shock.

I walked past Dear Daughter’s bedroom (radio blasting) and into my own where I found the back door open wide. I called DD and got no answer. I close the door (to keep the cool in and the heat out—Arizona, remember) and go to her bedroom, calling her again.

[Mom Reasoning] No Answer=Assumption Made=DD Has Left The Building!

Soon Dear Husband comes to the bathroom door and tells me that DD is in the laundry room DOING LAUNDRY! (It’s good I was sitting down at this point) When I came out of the bathroom, I had to see for myself just HOW she was doing washing.

Apparently, it is a good thing to leave ”How To Clean” books laying around the house for adolescents to find. They then discover how to sort laundry, the proper temperature to use, etc. Upon making such a discovery, they then need to test it. This is the same theory that leads them to try lighting the air behind them as they pass gas. As you can see, using this theory can lead to good results and painful results, depending on what newly found knowledge they are testing. (It is important to remember that during the adolescent years, all ability to make “wise” decisions is no found their body. It has a lot to do with the raging hormones they deal with at this stage of development.)

Back to the laundry room

DD had put all the clothes from the laundry basket into the washer.
DD -- “I don’t need any help Mom.”
Mom – “I just had to see this for myself.” (Notice grin trying to hide on DD’s face)

DD proceeds to add laundry detergent and try to figure out how to set the machine. I admit that I did give a couple of tips here BUT I DID NOT TAKE OVER! (That is a big step in the growth process for mothers. ”No Touchy”) This is where mother has to issue approximately 10 positive comments quickly. This helps to reinforce the behavior just shown.

As we came into the house, DH was unloading the dishwasher!! Without the moans & groans that usually accompany this activity. [More compliments given]

DH fills water dispenser from the distiller in the backyard. [More compliments given]

DD claims the job of filling the ice trays. [More compliments given]

DD suggests Mom put this on her blog so every one can read it!

DD proceeds to clean mirrors, TV screen, and her computer screen. [More compliments given]

This is where we are right now. She is still cleaning the mirrors.

I just may run out of compliments today. This is not the “normal mode” in our home. This is rare. This is a blessing. This is WONDERFUL.

Don’t pinch me! I don’t want to wake up.


Lucinda Fish

Wow! That is so amazing that she helped out like that, on her own! It means you're doing something right! Go Linda! :)

The Jordan's

Tell Alyssa she is aquiring necessary adult behavior. She's growing up so fast.


Go Alyssa! I didn't learn how to do laundry until I left home and then I made so many mistakes. Good for you, Linda, to let her do it now.